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We Are Going To Give You The Downlow Of Some Of The Best Examples Of How Brands Are Increasing Engagement And Getting Themselves Noticed

Valentine’s Day. Whether you believe it to be a wholesome day of showing appreciation for the ones you love or take a slightly more cynical approach, there’s no getting around the fact that it one of the biggest retail holidays of the year. With more and more brands dedicating time to their social campaigns in an overly saturated market, brands are pushed to be more creative. Here at Edison, we are going to give you the downlow of some of the best examples of how brands are increasing engagement and getting themselves noticed.

Nyx Cosmetics

Nyx Cosmetics has come in fast with a campaign that is all about their new limited-edition, Valentine’s day inspired, eyeshadow palette ‘2 Me, Luv Me.’ To celebrate the launch, they are offering a week-long series of digital self-love workshops that are all about self-care in the run up to Valentine’s Day. They aim to teach their customers ways to express their self-love through activities such as…

– Writing a letter to your younger self alongside influencers such as Zolee Griggs.
– Creating pro makeup tutorials with celebrity makeup artist Brandy Allen.
– Or by getting thoughtful with some self-love stories with Kameron Lester.

Their partnerships with celebrity makeup artists and influencers increase the brands reach whist still staying on message with their campaign. Nyx incorporates their newest and most favourited products within the workshops which means they have a highly interactive campaign, that highlights the importance of their products within their message of self-love.


Pandora have created a romantic campaign that celebrates the small acts of love that make up relationships, making us focus on the everyday gestures that might seem small but make the difference. Their sentimental approach combines both the spirit of Valentine’s Day as well as providing beautiful shots of their jewellery.

For their campaign they have collaborated with influential couples to create Instagram Reels that focus on giving us an insider peak into what Valentine’s Day means to them and the secrets of their successful relationship. It promotes complete couple goals whilst subtly highlighting how their products are a part of that story.
Alongside their Reels they are encouraging their followers to share what little acts of love mean the most to them, using the hashtag ‘Pandora Valentines.’ This allows them to create meaningful and fun interactions with their followers to reflect the brands authenticity.

Their use of multiple social media avenues creates a campaign that connects with their audience and sits in line with their core company values of ‘We Give a Voice
to People’s Love.’

Pretty Little Thing

Online Retailor Pretty Little Thing has gone the extra mile this Valentine’s Day with their ‘PrettyLittleValentine’ campaign that is all about treating yourself and the ones
you love with their apparel.

As part of their campaign, they have created a live dating show that will air on Valentine’s Day on YouTube called ‘Love to See it’, where three contestants will win £500 in cash. This is a unique way to increase traction across the brands multiple social media platforms whilst allowing for organic interactions to happen online.
They are also featuring a large giveaway that you can enter through various means such as by tagging your best friends in their post, following PLT on their social media channels and by using their hashtag. The more times you post the more entries you get therefore keeping the brand at the forefront of their follower’s timelines.

Pretty Little Thing are fast to jump on online trends and their Valentine’s Day campaign is no exception. They have isolated their target audiences interests to create a highly effective marketing strategy that keeps them relevant and seen.

Looking at these campaigns teaches us not only how innovative these brands are, but how creative you can be with these yearly holidays. It highlights the importance of keeping your finger on the pulse and how you should be proactive in telling your brand’s story in time relevant ways. But, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day however you are choosing to spend it, I hope you are taking a moment to appreciate yourself and the people you love… cue the
super cheesy music!

– Hanna

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