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Edison Media is proud to present our new Bounce Back to Business programme. The pandemic has had countless effects on business owners and consumers alike, and we want to be a part of helping you reimagine your business in this new climate. The BBB programme is a platform that will offer you a financial boost alongside the knowledge and tools to help you get the best results. Not to mention an experienced team to support you throughout the process.

We are offering…

• 50% free additional investment on top of your spend- on your first campaign.
• Free Artwork & Design Services.
• Free Audience Profiling and Research Services.
• Free campaign planning & buying services with post campaign report & analysis.

How it works…

£10,000 of your budget = 22 Billboards and 3,500,000 Est Impressions


£5,000 BBB Budget Match =11 Billboards and 2,000,000 Est Impressions


£15,000 New Total Budget = 33 Billboards and 5,500,000 Est impressions.

No brainer, right?

What We Need From You

• Not invested in OOH media before (including all static and digital media across roadside, transport and leisure environments)
• Provide us with access to analytics/reporting of campaign performance for BBB to be able to create a case study on the campaign. (We will not use your brand name in the case study but still require the resulting data to produce a post campaign analysis and review).
• Assign BBB as your media buying for minimum 12 months. (BBB is part of Edison Media whom your contract will be will. There are no minimum spends or retainer fees).

What Makes Us Right For You?

• Bespoke: You’ll have access to a full-service media agency who can plan, buy, design and create any form of media campaign you want. We know that every brief has to be approached differently, which is why each campaign we plan is bespoke, making sure we achieve your objectives and more.
• Experienced: We have years of experience working with all types of businesses, including start-ups. With this experience comes the understanding that every penny spent has to be justified, which is why we provide audience research and media statistics to bac up our recommendations-nothing is left to chance with your investment.
• Flexibility: There’s no retainer fees, no agency fees and no minimum spend. BBB is about giving you the flexibility to grow how you wish, whilst being able to offer support when needed. We want you to see us as an extended part of your team, that you can call upon whenever you need.

Here at Edison, we want to help you develop and bounce back from all of the turbulence this last year has had to offer. We understand the challenges you’ve faced, the pressure you’ve been under and have the experience to ensure that you enter the marketplace stronger than before. With our resources, dedicated team and our drive to help you bounce back, we can create the perfect partnership that will see you moving forward.

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