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Welcome back to the blog and to another Spotlight Sunday! Today we are lucky enough to be talking to our very own Account Director, Rachael Parry-Jones. Rachael is a horse enthusiast with her very own brood of baby ducks, who has very kindly agreed to let us pick her brain so please enjoy!


1.) What do you love most about your job?

Making clients dreams a reality. Whether it be a start-up business wanting to create a brand or a multi-million-pound company launching a new product, they all have visions, goals, and dreams. Being a part of making of making all of that happen is such a rewarding feeling.

2.) Could you run us through your day to day?

My day typically starts at 6am with a gym class (not in COVID-19 times). From there I head straight to the farm with my daughter to do a few jobs around the stables and then its home for a quick shower.

I’m then either on the road to the office, (my working day starts at 8am) or I’m off to see a client! My day consists mostly of meeting deadlines, taking briefs, prospecting new clients, and pitching innovative advertising solutions.

When the working day is done – its back to the farm to muck out and bring in the pony. From there I put on dinner (fitting in a quick 5K run whilst its cooking) and then enjoy it with my hubby with a good boxset.

3.) What skills would you say are most needed to be an Account Director?

To be successful as an account director you need great communications skills because a big part of the job is knowing how to speak to people without the confusing jargon. I would also say resilience, tenacity, and creativity are key qualities as the job always keeps you on your toes.

4.) Any advice for any aspiring Account Directors?

It’s all about building strong relationships, being genuinely interested in your clients, and becoming an extension of their marketing team.

5.) What would you say is your proudest achievement?

I have a few, becoming a mum to my three children is obviously up there! I like to set goals and push myself to do things that scare me as I do believe you are at your best when out of your comfort zone. Two of my personal proudest achievements would be a sky dive I did a few years ago to raise money for a kid’s charity, I am petrified of heights, so it took a lot for me to jump! I also did a half marathon last year, trained in 10 weeks and completed it in 2.18 hours. I did that for my nan on what would have been her 84th birthday.

6.) Did you always know you wanted to go into this field of work?

I love advertising and I love helping people find solutions that help them achieve their goals. I guess I was made to sell media lol.

7.) Your biggest motivator?

My family, making my kids happy, giving them as many memories and experiences as I can. It’s all about making their dreams come true.

8.) Is there anything about your job that may surprise people?

Media and sales are all about surprising and delighting clients and their customers. Capturing the hearts and minds of people is the best way to get and to keep their attention…. I am always full of surprises!

9.) What makes Edison a place you want to work?

I feel trusted and valued at Edison, I have the autonomy to make the right decisions for my clients, plus the support of our MD. Combine that with a brilliant creative and planning team and we’re always on the path for success.

Wow! Well, if Rachael hasn’t motivated you to get every last ounce out of your day, then I don’t know what will! Her obvious drive, energy, and genuine passion for helping others succeed are only some of the many reasons why she is such an invaluable member of our team here at Edison Media. So, once again thank you to Rachael for taking the time to talk us through her job and I hope her insights have been helpful to you all!

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