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Spotlight Sunday: Anees

On today’s Spotlight Sunday we’re chatting to our PPC Executive Anees Ahmed. Our in house who is as enthusiastic about his beloved Manchester United as he is about our clients click through rate. He’s going to be walking us through a little bit about his role so budding PPC experts don’t want to miss this one.

1.) What do you love most about your job?

One of the things I love about my job is helping clients build their brand online whether it’s sales or to grow their industry. Doing research into businesses I don’t know much about is always interesting too, planning the strategy on how we’re going to run the campaigns is always a fun part and is something I look forward to when new clients come on board.

2.) Could you give us a bit of a run-down of your day to day?

Checking on campaigns and seeing how they are performing is normally how I spend my days. Making sure all campaigns are running as normal and there are no issues to sort out such as ads getting disapproved meaning.

I would then optimise the campaigns meaning I would make any necessary changes I feel the campaign would need to set it up for the rest of the day or the week. As digital marketing campaigns are live, you must be quick to react to keep your edge.

Helping the MD with any proposals is always a big part as well. If any briefs come in, I would work with her on a strategy for the client and work on the presentation for the meeting making sure we’re prepared.

3.) Favourite thing about working for Edison Media?

It’s the level of trust I am given when working with clients and the approach to how we work with clients. We are open about everything when it comes to the little details, and we always work to the interest of the client. If the campaign is not working, we are not afraid to pause things and review the data to come up with a solution. The team around me is always on hand to help, there’s no ego, it’s a simple end goal of making the client happy and getting results for them. No idea is a bad one as we’re always looking to be bold and to stand out from the competitors.

4.) How did you end up working in this field?

I started my career in digital marketing through an apprenticeship, starting off by working in SEO! As I like things to move quickly and to be fast paced, SEO is all about being patient and I didn’t enjoy my time during this period. I eventually started another apprenticeship at a PPC agency, where my career took off.

5.) Any advice for someone wanting to go down the same career path?

Start off small! The best thing you can do in PPC is to work in small agencies where you can learn from the senior people in your team and ask questions. Digital Marketing is a fast-paced industry, you won’t learn everything in a year or two as there’s too many parts to it. With new social networks being released each year, you must be quick to learn all about the platform and the type of users who use it.

6.) What would you say is your biggest motivator?

My biggest motivator I’d say is always to help clients achieve their goals. As some clients have had bad experiences at other agencies, it’s nice to show them how we do things differently. So, when campaigns perform well, that motivates to do even better and come up with ideas on how we can scale their business.

7.) What do you like most about working in the advertising industry?

The thing I like most about the advertising industry is the fact it’s fast paced, with new features and platforms being added all the time there’s always something new to check it out and try. It is never a dull day in the digital marketing world!

8.) How does it feel working alongside Manchester City and Liverpool fans alike?

Coming from a family which supports Liverpool, I am used to them sulking most of the time, so it is weird seeing them achieve something in the last year or so! But like all good things, they come to an end, so I will be here to enjoy that downfall.

To be honest dealing with City fans is new and rare as there aren’t many of them so it’s not too bad. As the two teams aren’t used to success as much as United, it’s nice to see them enjoy it… for now.

I think that last answer has to be my favourite from this entire series, sorry not sorry. We are so lucky to have such a dedicated PPC Executive on board who is so committed to getting the best results for his clients. With that being said, thank you to Anees for sharing a bit of his own story with us and for passing on some invaluable advice for any budding PPC Execs out there!

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