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Candy, a word I instantly associate with this song because how can you not? If you haven’t guessed by now this week’s article is about all things sweet and sugary. From fizzy colas and wine gums to strawberry laces and skittles, where would we be without our sweet treats?

To honour National Candy Month over in the US, we are taking a journey through some of the most iconic, if not totally bizarre, sickly-sweet advertisements as whose life wouldn’t benefit from a little bit more sweetness at the moment.

First up, we have one of my favourite adverts from 1993 for the one and only Wine Gums. It is an adaptation of ‘Hoots Mon’ by Lord Rockingham’s XL which was number one for three straight weeks in 1958. I mean from the outfits to the enthusiasm how could I not include this one?

We then jump into this hypnotising number from 2010 which was part of a larger ‘£2m ad campaign’ according to Campaignlive.co.uk that reintroduced Maynard the Moose back to our screens and introduced him to the Wine Gums hall of fame. Chew anyone?

In an article all about sweets how could we not mention Skittles? Ok, this one got a little bit interesting when I was bombarded with taglines such as ‘treasure the rainbow, taste the rainbow’ and ‘romance the rainbow, taste the rainbow’, compilation can be found here (watch at your own risk.) But there was also an incredibly retro sequence here where you can’t move for double denim, big hair and tie-dye. But, I simply had to mention this one from 2011, a spin on the mythological tale of King Midas, poor Tim! According to talkingnretail.com this was ‘the first UK Skittles TV advert in two years’ and was ‘designed to appeal to 18-30 years old, encouraging viewers to expect the unexpected and open their imaginations.’ Well it definitely inspired our shopping lists!

“Opal Fruits, made to make your mouth water” – Opal Fruits Ad 1974 


Then lastly, we have my personal favourite, Starbursts. The announcement of their name change from Opal Fruits to Starburst was made during this rather quirky alien advert in 1998 after wanting to synergise with their American branding.

The Wrigley Company also recently did a limited run with their old packaging which was very popular and definitely brought back some old memories.  And if that wasn’t a throwback enough how about this wholesome number, remind anyone of a Marks and Spencer’s advert?  But the best one in my opinion is from around 12 years ago were we have a rather interesting advert perfectly named ‘Berries and Cream’. Now try not to get lost in the remixes because you might find yourself there all day. But if you want to try out the dance for yourself (new TikTok anyone?) you can do that here.


There were definitely some throwbacks there and a lot of nostalgic laughs to be had watching some of those much-loved adverts again. I hope you enjoyed this little trip down memory road and are going to treat yourself to a sweet treat to celebrate the occasion.

Merry National Candy Month to all our friends in the USA!

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