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With the year that 2020 revealed itself to be, I think Christmas could not have come quick enough! Right now, we could all benefit from a little festive cheer to bring in the holiday season so, to get us in the Christmas spirit I have rounded up some Christmas adverts to let you know which ones are worth your time… or not.

1.) John Lewis (Give a Little More): 5/5

Starting strong, this one is for those of you who are looking for that fuzzy feeling this Christmas. John Lewis doesn’t dare disappoint with their creative compilation, which is in aid of two charities, Fair share (who help those facing food poverty) and Home-start (who work with parents who need support) accompanied by ‘A little love’ by Celeste. The perfect combination. They say, ‘we believe that the world would be a better place if we all gave a little more love’ and this ad is definitely projecting all of those positive vibes, just when we need them the most.

2.) Sainsbury’s (Big Sarnie, Big Portions, and the Gravy Song): 3/5

Sainsbury’s is giving you a three-part series centred around those magical Christmas memories that we all share. They all focus on close familial relationships, on those all-important support networks that we’re all leaning on that little bit more this year. Whether you’re reminiscing about that turkey sarnie your Gran used to make you on boxing day, the way your Dad used to carve the turkey, or who makes the best gravy, they’ve got you covered. With the use of home videos, it was a heart-warming effort that includes a fun song but nonetheless, they are a little forgettable…

3.) Tesco (No Naughty List): 4/5

In a slightly different direction, Tesco has really delivered by coming up with something fun, festive, and farcical. They take complete advantage of all the challenges that 2020 has thrown our way whilst really projecting a TREAT YO SELF attitude that we all need this Christmas. It includes a complete rundown of everybody’s confessions such as buying too much loo roll, not singing happy birthday when washing your hands, or not teaching your children maths. We even get a special appearance by Santa himself who is also writing this year off!

4.) Aldi (Kevin’s Out in the Cold): 5/5

Trying to knock Percy out of the top spot we’ve got Kevin the Carrot on a mission to get home for Christmas. This advert is jam-packed with adventure and includes a cameo by Jim Broadbent as Santa to give this a little magic, it’s everything you need this Christmas. It finishes with heart-warming scenes of him back home with his family including a couple of baby carrots, how can you not love it? To be honest I think it’s clear to see that Kevin is completely incredible and him riding home on a hedgehog is an image I’ll never forget. Iconic.

5.) Boots (What the World Needs Now): 4/5

Boots have taken this opportunity to raise awareness for their charity of choice The Hygiene Bank this Christmas. They have donated £1 million worth of products to The Hygiene bank to help in the fight against hygiene poverty which is becoming an increasingly more common problem. Not only is this a great cause but the whole advert is accompanied by some adorable animations of personified soap, toothpaste, loofahs, etc that are simply adorable and get to the heart of what Christmas is all about, giving.

6.) McDonald’s (Inner Child): 5/5

If you’re looking for a tearjerker then this is the advert for you…. or maybe it’s just me. McDonald’s set out to portray the developing relationship between a parent and their teenage child during the holiday season as they both struggle to celebrate Christmas the way they used to. It’s a message that resonates with every parent and offers some light at the end of the tunnel. This one is truly an emotional roller-coaster and Becky Hill’s cover of Alphaville’s ‘Forever Young’ pairs perfectly with this tale. This is an amazing all-rounder that has a little bit of something for everyone and will help you to release your inner child.

7.) Argos (An Evening with AbracaDaisy & The Incredible Lucy): 2/5

All you need for Christmas at Argos is just a little bit of magic and Gary Barlow of course. This rendition is sure to conjure up memories of getting your copy of their famous catalogue and how you would circle everything that was going to make it onto your Christmas list. It’s definitely nostalgic. It’s centred around ‘two sister’s dream of becoming master magicians’ after receiving their very own magic kit from Argos and portrays them performing for their family. Whilst it is sweet, it does lack some flair, and some may even argue it looks a little dated.

8.) TKMaxx (The Lil’ Goat): 5/5

TKMaxx might not be the first business you associate with Christmas adverts, but haven’t they come up shining this year. It’s got everything you would expect from the retailer, as after all, it wouldn’t be a TKMaxx advert without a bright colour scheme and Bill Nighy’s narration! It puts a little goat centre stage as it shimmies its way through the farm head to toe in all of the amazing designer deals it’s scored for Christmas, why not? I think it’s fair to say that I aspire for nothing more than to reach the level of stylishness that this goat simply radiates. ICONIC.

9.) Asda (That’s an Asda Price Christmas): 2/5

Asda’s offering features their ‘superfan Sunny’ who is enthusiastically getting prepared for Christmas. There is that buzzing build-up of food being delivered, kids running around excitedly and struggling to get the Christmas lights just right. It highlights how you can safely shop with them at Christmas and features an array of their Christmas food specials. You’re left with an image of the family staring up at their Asda themed outdoor Christmas lights, with their neighbour not being quite convinced. In my books, this one gets points for the Christmas flamingo but all in all, is pretty forgettable.

10.) Coca-cola (The Letter): 4/5

Could you even call it Christmas without the appearance of that red van? This year Coca-Cola gives us a father’s struggle to get his daughter’s wish list to Santa on time, facing an epic storm, Arctic weather, and even the North Pole running on limited hours, how could this advert not succeed? In the revelation at the end, you discover that the only thing his daughter had put on her list was that she wanted her Dad to come home safely, I bet he wished he’d read that a bit earlier! It’s an incredible advert with a great message however it does lose a point because how could it compete with a dancing goat? Sorry, not sorry.

Wow, what a selection we got this year! Let me know how you’d rate them and don’t be shy! Regardless of your preferences in advertisements, I hope no matter how you’re able to celebrate this holiday period that you find moments of rest and joy, merry Christmas!

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