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Wednesday 12th May 2021 has been dedicated to appreciating our incredible healthcare nurses, which this year is especially close to home. Undoubtedly, this pandemic has showcased how dependent we are on our nurses and the amount of selfless hard work they put in everyday, which we must thank them for now. As a small token of our appreciation, today is dedicated to celebrating their contribution and on behalf of Edison Media, we would like to wholeheartedly thank all nurses for their tireless efforts, we appreciate you.

On National Nurse’s day, it’s important to recognise some of the many challenges that our nurse’s face today…

• The latest NHS staff survey found that there is a growing number of nurses that feel that their work is ‘making them sick and almost two-thirds believe they cannot do their jobs properly because their organisations has too few people’.
• This is further demonstrated by a new study commissioned by the RCN that shows that nursing is undervalued (in status and pay) and until both are enhanced, the UK will continue to experience severe nursing shortages.
• According to most recent data there are currently more than 36,000 NHS nursing vacancies in England, while sickness and stress may prompt more to leave, resulting in overworked staff with no time for themselves.

Considering the many hardships that our nurse’s face every day, why don’t we spend some time thinking about some little things we can do to show our appreciation…

1.) Get involved on your social media channels. By taking a minute this week to share a picture, use this year’s hashtag or interact with their social media platforms is a simple way to show your appreciation. It’s important that today we get into the spirit and proudly share our gratitude for the people who look after us when we are at our most vulnerable.
2.) Get personal. In one way or another every family has been helped by a nurse. Whether that was when you broke your arm when you were younger or maybe more recently, when received your COVID-19 vaccine that is allowing us to return to a new normal. So, don’t forget to share your stories and your appreciation in person, in the moment as well as online.
3.) Get educated and listen. Most importantly, why not use today as an excuse to read some articles written by nurses (or reach out to some that you know) to learn more about some of the deeper issues that they are facing. After that, why not get actively involved in the solutions by signing petitions or donating your time and/or money to give back to those who offer us support when we need it most.

Thank you for spending Florence Nightingale’s birthday with us to celebrate National Nurse’s day and once again, on behalf of Edison Media, thank you to all of our healthcare nurses.

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