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Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook or Twitter everyone has come into contact with some sort of social media platform. We are constantly bombarded with so many new features and different ways to use them, that it can be hard to keep up.

So, while you may be using them well in your personal life, are you making use of them in your professional life? We’re going to be rounding up how social media can help build your brand and the benefits of using them.

Creating Your Voice

Creating a strong brand identity across multiple platforms is going to help amplify your voice. You can convey what your brand’s ethos is and what makes you better than the next company your audience is going to stumble across.

You can use social media to allow customers to become familiar with your brand which is so important, especially for new brands. Let them know who you are and let them see the quality of your product.

Using the right hashtags on Twitter is an easy and effective way to get your content out there and also seen by the right people. It’s also a great way to establish yourself in a very crowded community.

Up Engagement

By paying attention to your social media channels you can start to improve engagement with your customers and drive more traction towards your website. Clicks create clicks.

You can instantly reply to customer feedback and engage on topical issues which is automatically going to create a deeper connection between your brand and your customers. The instant flow of communication will feel more personal and will make your customer feel more heard. Don’t forget to have fun with it, people will enjoy the creative flare.

Be creative. Instagram is an amazing tool for this because it’s an incredibly visual platform. It’s also a highly influential platform if you have a younger demographic and has tons of personalisation tools such as stories, highlights and reels. Make use of the highlights feature to make sure users have constant access to all of the relevant information but then use your stories to create some spontaneous sizzling content. Capture some office antics to give it a more distinctive feel, your audience is more likely to respond and engage.

Build Trust

Having recognisable branding means people become familiar with your aesthetic. The more they see you, the more they will start thinking of you as a leader in your field and the brand to buy from.

Many consumers first turn to social media when making a new purchase so being active and consistent will help reassure them when making their purchase.

Potential online customers are always looking out for how you treat your customers online, even when responding to critique. This can be scary at first but try to take this as an opportunity to showcase how incredible your customer service is which will reassure any future customers that they are buying from a reputable brand.

Keep these top tips in mind next time you’re revaluating the role in which social media is going to play in your brand. Whether you’re a start-up or an already established brand these platforms can really get you out there and reach consumers that wouldn’t have stumbled across you when using traditional media.

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