From Grime to Global: How Kano Took Europe by Storm with JD x Adidas

Kano. The name is synonymous with grime royalty. But in 2023, his reach transcended the UK streets, exploding onto the European scene with the final season of Top Boy. This presented a unique opportunity for JD x Adidas: a chance to elevate Kano’s rising star power while staying true to Adidas’s core values.

Beyond the Banner Ads: A Raw and Strategic Approach

We at Edison Media ditched the typical flashy marketing tactics. We envisioned a campaign that captured Kano’s artistic spirit and resonated with Adidas’s brand identity. Enter the “European Takeover” – a raw, stripped-back approach that aimed to leave a lasting impression on the digital landscape. Imagine eye-catching flyposting campaigns strategically placed across high-traffic areas in bustling cities like Paris and iconic London landmarks. This wasn’t just about grabbing attention; it sparked conversations and boosted brand recognition, resulting in a whopping 16.1 million impressions – exceeding expectations and igniting discussions within the target audience.

Pan-European Canvas: Where Cities Became Art Galleries

The campaign wasn’t confined to the digital realm. We transformed urban landscapes into canvases celebrating Kano and Adidas. This “pan-European odyssey” saw flyposting campaigns strategically placed across ten major European cities, while captivating digital out-of-home ads reached millions in Paris Metro stations. It was a visual symphony, a testament to Kano’s global appeal and Adidas’s position at the forefront of urban culture.

Hometown Hero: Bringing it Back to the Streets

But the campaign wasn’t just about grand visuals. A crucial element was celebrating Kano’s journey and fostering a connection with his roots. We transformed two underutilised spaces in Eastham, London – Kano’s home turf – into captivating murals.

One mural featured a powerful portrait of Kano from a recent Adidas x JD photoshoot in Jamaica. It wasn’t just a celebration of his success; it was a visual representation of his roots, resonating deeply with local fans. Across town, another mural showcased the vibrant Adidas Originals collection. This localised approach wasn’t just about visuals; it fostered a sense of community ownership and pride, integrating the campaign into familiar spaces and strengthening its impact on Kano’s local supporters.

Metrics that Matter: Numbers Tell a Story

The success wasn’t just about aesthetics. The “European Takeover” went beyond standard marketing metrics. Flyposting campaigns generated over 16 million impressions across ten major European cities, while digital out-of-home ads reached millions more. But the real impact came from online engagement. There was a phenomenal 7.3x increase in online mentions of Kano and Adidas Originals compared to pre-campaign data.

Social Media Frenzy: A Cultural Phenomenon

Social media became the campaign’s beating heart. The #AdidasOriginals hashtag saw an astronomical 1150% surge in interactions, with fans enthusiastically sharing pictures and opinions about the murals. On Instagram, Kano’s record-breaking campaign post garnered a staggering 316,000+ likes, further amplifying the campaign’s reach and cultural influence.

More Than Likes: Building a Community

But the impact transcended online engagement. The hand-painted murals became focal points, sparking conversations offline and fostering a sense of community and shared appreciation for both Kano and Adidas. Even celebrities joined the online discourse, further amplifying the campaign’s cultural impact.

A Collaborative Masterpiece: The Power of Teamwork

(Consider removing this section or briefly mention the collaborative effort without specific names.) The campaign’s success was a testament to teamwork. We assembled a dream team of creative minds, from Kano himself and Adidas representatives to talented mural artists. Their combined expertise and dedication were instrumental in crafting visuals that resonated with the target audience.

A Legacy of Innovation:  Redefining Brand Advocacy

The “European Takeover” campaign is a testament to our ability to push creative boundaries and achieve impactful results. It exemplifies the evolution of the media landscape, where established brands like Adidas can leverage the power of rising stars like Kano to connect with audiences in fresh and unexpected ways. By prioritising strategic planning, authentic audience engagement, and a community-centric approach, we boosted brand awareness for both parties and solidified Adidas’s position as a leader in urban culture. Furthermore, the campaign fostered a deeper connection between Kano and his fans, solidifying brand advocacy for both Kano and Adidas.

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