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Building International Awareness: Spotify Campaign for Regatta Great Outdoors in Italy

Regatta Great Outdoors, renowned for premium outdoor wear, approached us with an objective: to elevate awareness of their Italian stores. To effectively reach our target audience, we enlisted the use of the influential platform of Spotify Ads.

Setting the Scene

Italy, with its breathtaking landscapes and vibrant outdoor culture, is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Spotify, the go-to platform seamlessly blending music and brand discovery, became our chosen channel. With Regatta Great Outdoors Italy offering diverse outdoor products, Spotify emerged as the ideal medium to captivate our audience.


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The Planning Stage

Our campaign was initiated with thorough research, diving into Spotify’s user data to pinpoint key demographics and preferences. Armed with this knowledge, we tailored our ads to resonate directly with the target audience, spotlighting Regatta Great Outdoors Italy locations and emphasising limited-time discounts on their outdoor apparel.

Crafting the Ads

To ensure our Spotify ads were impactful and engaging, we employed catchy tunes, evocative sound effects, and compelling storytelling. The aim was to evoke a sense of adventure, illustrating how Regatta’s products could be the ultimate companions for tourists and locals exploring the great outdoors. Striking a balance between brand awareness and conversions within the brief ad slot duration was key. Following script creation by the digital team at Edison Media, they were then translated to Italian, ready to go live.

Campaign Launch

With all the elements in place, the campaign was launched. Strategic timing aligned the Spotify ads with crucial dates, maximising Regatta Great Outdoors Italy’s exclusive deals’ impact. Real-time monitoring tools allowed us to make adjustments and daily optimisations to enhance targeting.

Success Metrics

Throughout the campaign, we closely monitored ad effectiveness through Spotify’s analytics. Metrics such as impressions, reach, and ad completion rate were scrutinised, providing valuable insights for refining our approach and ensuring maximum impact in reaching the target audience.

The Outcome

Our Spotify ad campaign for Regatta Great Outdoors Italy was a triumph. Brand visibility and interest experienced a significant upswing, prompting enthusiastic shoppers to visit Regatta stores or explore the online website for exceptional deals. The campaign elevated brand recognition and fostered a stronger connection between Regatta and the Italian outdoor community, solidifying its position in the outdoor retail sector.

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