Spotlight Sunday: Jodie Howe

#SpotlightSunday is an opportunity to shed some light on the team at Edison. Next up, sparing some time away from her beloved calculator - it's Jodie!

Today the spotlight falls on our very own Financial Director Jodie Howe, a true mathematician at heart. It’s no wonder that Jodie turned out to be the tenacious, finance whizz we all know and love, with her spouse having an accounts background, there is always competition to be had within her household. So, if you want to get to know more about what it takes to be at the heart of one of the key pillars at Edison, then here’s your chance!

1.) What initially attracted you to finance?

‘I love that everything within business comes back to its finances. Sales, profitability and margins. Not having an extensive knowledge of your accounts can make or break a business.’

2.) What influenced you to become a founding partner at Edison specifically?

‘I wanted to be part of a team that shared the same goals and work ethic as myself. A team that always strives to do best by our clients.’

3.) What are your key values?

‘Trust, trust is a big thing within finance. You’re not only dealing with a company’s money but, also carry the responsibility to make the right decisions for the business, to allow it to grow and succeed.’

4.) What does your day to day look like?

‘Numbers, numbers and more numbers. As you would expect there is a lot of excel spreadsheets in my day to day life, but luckily ridiculously long formulas are my favourite!’

5.) Did you have any big influences that encouraged you to pursue this role?

‘Yes, I worked closely with someone who pretty much taught me everything I know. He always had time to show me how to do something and was patient with me, encouraging me all the time. I owe my finance abilities to him.’

6.) What would you say is your biggest motivator?

‘My family, I want to be able to give my son everything he needs and wants without having to worry. I strive to be an example for my son so that he can see that you need to work hard to achieve your goals.’

7.) Any bits of advice for someone looking to pursue a career in finance?

‘Try and get as much experience as possible, whether it be as an accounts assistant or voluntary work. Being exposed to numbers first-hand is the best way to learn.’

8.) Do you have a fun fact that might surprise people?

‘I’m actually really bad at managing my own money and always spend way too much!’

I’m sure that last answer was reassuring to us all, or maybe just me! What’s apparent from all of Jodie’s responses is how much perseverance, motivation and hard work you need to be a part of a thriving business. Equally from a broader perspective, as a generation we desperately need to encourage more women into STEM subjects, and I cannot think of a better role model than Jodie to accentuate the brilliance that can occur when the two collide. I hope that this snippet into the life of a Finance Director here at Edison has not only given you a look into the fabric of our community but also some useful advice if you’re looking to begin your own finance journey.