Small Business Day

We look at how small businesses need our support more than ever right now.

If this year has taught us anything, it’s how important it is to look after one another and how crucial it is to support each other. Therefore, we couldn’t think of a better topic to write about today than Small Business Day this Saturday, a ‘non-commercial campaign, which highlights small business success and encourages consumers to shop local and support small businesses in their communities.’ According to the Bank of England ‘more than 95% of UK businesses are small and medium-sized enterprises’ meaning they are integral to our economy. However, whilst the long-term impacts of COVID-19 are yet to be seen, what we already know is that it has been completely devasting to our local businesses, causing hundreds of thousands of them to go out of busines and many more still struggling. My job today is to convince you to shop smaller and let you in on all the reasons why you should want to!


  • When you chose to shop local, whether your purchase is big or small, you are helping that business survive from one month to the next. This is because smaller businesses have seen a significant decrease in cashflow, both from lockdowns and shopper COVID-19 related anxiety. Therefore, your support will make a significant difference to their financial health.
  • You know them. You aren’t buying from a big faceless cooperate company, you are making purchases from faces that you recognise and by people making a difference in your community. Not to mention that whenever you choose to shop with a smaller business, it always feels more personal. You are instantly met with warmth and become completely surrounded by someone else’s passion. So, why not help someone keep their dream alive and see what local businesses you can support through this harsh winter!
  • There is nothing worse than opening a present knowing that you’ve purchased the exact same thing for either that person or someone else you know. So why not save yourself the panic and see what hidden gems are to be had, you won’t be disappointed. When you choose to support a local business, you have access to a wider range of unique products to choose from so why not ‘spice up your life,’ so to speak.
  • You will not only be helping small businesses, but you’ll also be supporting your local community, it’s a win-win. Your money will contribute to your local economy, expanding the availability of community recourses and creating more jobs during this unprecedented time for the people you know and care about!
  • Shopping with small businesses in your local area also has a big impact on the environment. With climate control becoming an increasingly more important factor in our day to day decisions, why not make this small change to decrease your carbon footprint? Use today as an excuse to get your coat on and take a browse through what your local Highstreet has to offer you!

I hope I’ve encouraged you to look further than just Amazon for all of your festive shopping needs and to make way for presents that are truly bigger than themselves. Small businesses are the beating heart of all of our communities and need our support more than ever this year. As it is the holiday to be giving, why not do your part and shop smaller!