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From The Sweets Aisle To The Wedding Aisle: Adam’s Story

As we rolled into 2022, a time marked by the setting of New Year’s resolutions, our Finance manager, Adam, embarked on a unique and highly motivated journey – one that was intertwined with his impending wedding.

In celebration of Adam and his beloved partner, Amy, tying the knot this weekend, we are delighted to share the inspirational story of his journey:

Losing Fat And Getting Fit

In January 2022, a significant moment marked the beginning of an incredible journey for me. Just a few weeks earlier, on Christmas Day 2021, my best friend had agreed to become my life partner, my wife. The joyful celebrations with our families over the Christmas and New Year period were filled with laughter and happiness. However, it was when I glimpsed an “Engagement Photo” of us in the new year that a wave of self-reflection crashed over me. I couldn’t help but think, “that is not going to be the man she marries.”

I had a history with weight loss and fitness, albeit nothing particularly noteworthy. I knew I possessed the tenacity to embark on this transformation journey, but what I lacked was the accountability to see it through. That’s when I stumbled upon a lifeline – a weight loss football group, Man v Fat Rochdale, which seemed like the perfect solution. I immediately signed up and, to this day, I’m still an active member.

Over the course of the next 18 months, my dedication and hard work paid off, resulting in the loss of approximately 25 kilograms (or around 3.5 stone for those who prefer the metric system)

But this journey wasn’t just about shedding pounds; it was about reinventing my life.

Today, I can say with confidence that I’m a better version of myself. I’ve always been a “glass half full” kind of guy, known for my cheerful disposition, but discovering cheekbones I never knew existed has given me a personal confidence unlike anything I’ve experienced before. 

Even being playfully called skinny while out on the football field had its own unique charm!

Yet, my journey is far from over. I’ve set my sights on losing another 5 kilograms or so until I reach a point where I believe I’ll truly be content. The Monday football games that kickstarted this transformation have blossomed into a series of regular sessions, and now, I find myself engaging in serious exercise four days a week. This newfound commitment starkly contrasts with my previous sedentary lifestyle, where zero days per week were devoted to physical fitness.

I hope my story can inspire and encourage anyone on their own path to transformation and self-improvement.

A Note From Edison:

Adam, Your achievements are nothing short of inspirational, and we eagerly await the opportunity to celebrate your upcoming special day this Saturday.

From all of us at Edison Media, we wish you continued success and happiness in all your future endeavors. Cheers to the remarkable milestones you’ve achieved and those yet to come!

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