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Are you a new start up business and starting to think about different ways to advertise your company? Do you want to get your brand out there but are not sure what path is right for you, or what kind of advertisement you want to pursue? Well if that sounds like you then let me introduce you to Above the Line marketing and its incredible relationship with startups! To find out why the pairing is a match made in heaven just keep on reading…

Why It’s So Great

  • Reaches a mass audience: It can be frustrating when you are passionate about your business but are struggling to secure loyal customers. Above the Line marketing is perfect for your new business because of its sheer reach. It will get your brand front and centre into some of the busiest of places so that you are impossible to miss.
  • Increases brand awareness: Repetition leads to high brand recall in consumers. By surrounding them with your brand’s voice and strategically placing your adverts in highly populated areas (i.e., bus routes and train stations) they are more likely to recall you when wanting to make a purchase from your sector. It will give them a chance to become familiar with you and this can help build trust.
  • Informative: Above the Line marketing is incredibly effective at helping you synergise your branding. By having one clear message it will make it easier for you to communicate with your customers more efficiently and they will leave with a better understanding of who you are, which is even more important for a startup company.

Its Track Records

  • Pretty Little Thing: One brand that has successfully used Above the Line marketing is Manchester’s own based start-up Pretty Little Thing. Their ‘Paint London Pink’ campaign (which included painting London taxi’s pink and covering them with their branding) was so successful that they then branched out into other cities. You suddenly had populated areas inundated with pink taxis but, more importantly with their new favourite online retailer stuck in their heads, they became unforgettable. It kept them at the forefront of people’s minds and led customers straight back to their website.
  • Curve: Another UK venture, Curve, the London based banking app startup helps to condense all your cards down to just one. They kickstarted their business with a complete rebrand through ad campaigns focused on the London Underground. It included a much clearer brand identity and signature colour which made them more recognisable. The brand claims they wanted a new look that was ‘distinctive’ as well as ‘Sassy and Badassy’. By using Above the line advertising the company was able to successfully change their image and now boasts ‘500,000 users and says it is on track to reach 1 million by the end of the year’ as reported by TechCrunch.


Need even more convincing, let’s talk research! A study set out to see if they could make Deliveroo the online takeaway provider. They did this by running a campaign using national Bus interiors, the London Underground (tube stations & TCPs) as well as train interiors, focusing on populated areas with a lot of ATL real estate. They found that:

  • Those who saw the Exterion OOH campaign were more likely to have ordered from the online takeaway provider.
  • 1/3 who had never ordered a takeaway online will now consider purchasing from the online takeaway.
  • Those exposed to OOH campaign are more likely to search online for the online takeaway providers.

What we can take from this study is that there is a clear relationship between ATL marketing and brand recognition, especially for companies trying to establish themselves as key competitors in their respective fields.

From what we have discussed here it is incredible what dedicating time to Above Line marketing can do for your growing business. By utilising billboards, TV, newspapers and other traditional media outlets, you can really give your brand the lift it needs to become as successful as you want it to be. So…what are you waiting for?

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