Meet The Team

Independent, honest and committed, we strive to help any business achieve its goals, grow and succeed.
Nicola Orrell
Managing Director

Leading by example, Nic is all about hard work and dedication combining with over 20 years industry experience.

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Fun Fact: I’m the Nanna to two children!

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Favourite Invention: The camera phone.

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Sean Dunne
Head Of Media

The go to for insight & research, he’s also got ‘national campaign planning’ as a decent tool as well.

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Fun Fact: I once sang at the Albert Hall!

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Favourite Invention: Airplanes

Jodie Howe
Finance Director

Jodie loves nothing more than an excel pivot table, okay maybe her son, but it’s a close call.

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Fun Fact: I’ve performed as a Cheerleader at the Winter Garden in Blackpool!

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Favourite Invention: Currency

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Rachael parry-jones
Account Director

A family focused creative thinker with a passion for marketing…but also ponies and gin, not together though…

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Fun Fact: Rachael has a dog and a pony - both named Teddy!

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Favourite Invention: Electricity.

James Ward
Graphic Designer

His design skills, like his football team, are top of the pile. His secret is salmon and rice for lunch EVERYDAY.

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Fun Fact: I once went to Switzerland and back in a day for a Bungee Jump!

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Favourite Invention: Augmented Reality technology (AR)

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Anees ahmed
PPC Executive

Our sport loving PPC Exec is as enthusiastic about his beloved Man Utd, as he is about our clients click through rate.

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Fun Fact: Anees travelled to Milan on his own to watch a football match!

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Favourite Invention: Watches.

Hanna Munir
Content Executive

Rumour has it that Hanna reads a thesaurus every night before bed. She also brings the office average age down considerably.

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Fun Fact: I’ve been on Europe’s highest swing which is 100m above the ground!!

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Favourite Invention: Apple AirPods

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Alex Real
Social Media Executive

Our mini influencer in the making, the most glamorous mum of two you’ll meet. Eats weird lunches too.

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Fun Fact: Since having children Alex has cut her daily screen time down from 18 hours to 4 hours and 13 minutes!

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Favourite Invention: Mobile phones.